The company
The company
natural goodness
From generation to generation, the passion for quality vegetables and traditional recipes have been combined with innovation that allows Ortonuovo products to be free of food preservatives, remaining naturally good, as if freshly prepared.


The adventure in the world of fruit and vegetable began in 1987, thanks to Nonna Giulietta, who cooked vegetables for customers in the back room of her shop in Fumane.

10 years later, on the basis of the same family values and traditions, we founded the Ortonuovo company.

Today we are committed to offering our customers products from neighboring territories, supplied by local producers and not treated, to be able to offer vegetables, both cooked and natural, ready to use that keep the flavors of nature intact and home-made cooking.


There is nothing better than enjoying freshly picked or cooked vegetables with grandmother’s love. For this reason we personally choose our trusted producers, who every day supply us with local origin ingredients, grown with passion and care.

This ensures that our products are of high quality, guaranteeing the naturalness of the vegetables that do not undergo alterations in flavor and do not contain added preservatives.

Thanks to the efficiency of the distribution network, what is produced today, is tomorrow in any store we serve.

The goal has always been to offer our customers fresh, genuine products with a naturally good taste. Our recipes are born from tradition and maintain the values of Italian cuisine.
The quality of all our ingredients is the basis of all our recipes. Thanks to our experience, the products have very high quality standards. We select only the best that earth and nature have to offer.